Carol J.

Arad not only had to help me create my new stair case, they had to come in after some one else screwed it up and I already spent alot of money and it was a mess. I was afraid I would have to tear it all apart. They worked hard to correct the damages and work with what they could. ARAD made every effort to make sure I could be happy. They fitted in me in their busy schedule and comunicated with me every step of the way. I felt terrible that ARAD had to go through so much, It is harder to work on something like this than to have created it from scratch. We now have a beautiful custom stair case that is center piece of our home. Thanks Arad for the great job.

Marius C.

ARAD worked on my house in 2014 and specifically they worked to built a new stair for my two stories house. I was in a little rush and my schedule was very tied up, ARAD worked very fast and what surprised me is that they worked with a high level of quality. ARAD is not only a perfect woodworking company because I then asked them to do some other jobs in my house that were custom and always they suggested me the best option for the best price.